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Member : Sanshinkan International, Sweden.

Recognized by : Karate Association of India

Recognized by : Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs

(Government of India)

Member : World Karate Federation

  • Training Camp at Rishikesh team departing on 21 March 2014

  • International training camp at Stockholm Sweden in May 2014

List of few Senior Certified coaches


anjay Mehrol (Black Belt 4th Dan)
Ajay Ahirwar (Black Belt 3rd Dan)
Manish Prasad (Black Belt 4th Dan)
Anurag Kaushik (Black Belt 3rd Dan)
S. Prabhu (Black Belt 4th Dan)
Dabbu Khan (Black Belt 2nd Dan)
Ram Singh (Black Belt 5th Dan)
Ashok Kumar Gharwaliya (Black belt 4th Dan)
Lipika Uniyal (Black Belt 2nd Dan)
Vijay Sahu (Black Belt 1st Dan)
Abhishek Bisht (Black Belt 4th Dan)
Sulinder Singh (Black Belt 2nd Dan)
Ashok Ahirwar (Black Belt 4th Dan)
Rahul Bhasin (Black Belt 3rd Dan)
Gayab Singh (Black Belt 4th Dan)
Rashna Pradhan (Black Belt 2nd Dan)
Yougin Thapa (Black Belt 3rd Dan)








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