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  • Training Camp at Rishikesh team departing on 21 March 2014

  • International training camp at Stockholm Sweden in May 2014




Training At our Gym


I feel a lot younger at 31 than I was at 21. A Calm Mind and a Fit body is what I have already achieved and it's just the beginning. Thanks you Sensei and Sanshinkan. Shikher Gupta


I've never met an individual in India who has such encyclopedic knowledge in martial arts as Sensi Yashpal. He's a true inspiration to all. Sanshinkan has made me a better fighter and has inculcated a thought of the spiritual meaning of fighting and the art of. The number of students who have become national champions under his training is not even a mere testament to his ability. Sanshinkan can change the way you think about fighting and make you more humanitarian. Reghuram


Sanshinkan is a great institution incase you are looking to maintain , regain, increase your fitness levels or you want to be proficient in self defence or looking to pursue martial arts as a carrier.
The coaches are qualified and well experienced and have a lot of inter national exposure to teach you from basics to advance level martial arts.


I joined Sanshinkan for fitness and eventually got a lot more.

A perfect arena which blends traditional martial arts teaching you discipline, respect and loyalty with modern combat techniques ( Ground and close quarter combat ) with so much fun.

Great teachers, superb environment and good friends make the entire experience more exciting.

This is a journey which I am sure the current students would never want to end and the ones who read it would want to join immediately.

If you really want to test your limits and challenge the boundaries that you also don't know you can cross " Sanshinkan " is the place, come join us for a life changing experience !

Ossu !
Abhijit Basuball


Being a part of Sanshinkan family has been an amazing experience. On a personal level it has been a exhilarating journey both in the inside and the outside. The guidance and boost provided by the masters (Sensei) is truly unique in itself and makes an individual cultivate a healthy body but more importantly a strong mind & spirit. Martial arts is undoubtedly the most complete form of physical and mental exercise. I strongly recommend others (new folks) to embark on this exciting journey ANKIT KAPOOR


It's always been a wonderful experience to spend the time in Dojo. I have Learn so many skills in different forms of fighting (Kumite, Jiu-jitsu, Kempo etc.) and self defence as well from some of the most experienced karate teachers.

I was a gym guy before 8 months with a stiffed body and the flexibility which I have today is not less than a miracle for me.

Overall, today I feel more fresh, more confident and more strong. Thanks to Yashpal sensei as it wouldn't be possible without you,,,, Ouss. Rohit Rose

I am very thankful to sensei for sharing his knowledge of karate with me. He is very helpful and friendly and strict at the same time. He is like a father figure to me . Thank you sir for allowing me to learn karate at your dojo. Vaibhav Tokas

I joined Sanshinkan ( Gurgaon ) in April 2014 and was pleased to find Sensei Yashpal and Sensei Anamika giving their best in running a first-rate martial arts centre. The classes are very professional with a mix of playfulness making them totally enjoyable and a great learning experience.

The teachers ( Sensei ) are highly qualified & dedicated. They give you the freedom to try out different moves, and also try to inculcate the values behind this spiritual art.

The centre has all the requisite equipment making it conducive to learn and practice different Knicks, punches, etc.

It's total body workout which gives you confidence and peace as major by-products.

Overall, Sanshinkan ( Gurgaon ) is one of the best places to learn martial arts. :)  Apoorv gupta


Sanshinkan is a fantastic place to learn karate... Sensei Yashpal Singh is an excellent trainer and I am proud to be his student... John Brandt Peres


Its my pleasure to be a member of this esteemed organization. When I first came here , I remember thinking its just another fitness zone that wont do any good to me but as it turned out. I was very - very wrong , there is a whole new aura around this place one which you wont find in any gym or fitness centre that gives you the zeal to work harder towards yourself. I remember walking those foot steps , the first time I entered I remember seeing a face , A very serious one his name is sensei yash pal singh . I knew from that moment on its not gonna workout but fate had something else working out for us. We both now share an unbreakable bond. He is the best guide , teacher , friend and most of all The best SENSEI I have ever come across............ Kushagra Bhardwaj

Sanshinkan has helped boost my confidence towards life and work apart from teaching self-defense which is of utmost importance. Anushree Ulpe


I love my karate classes. The instructors are encouraging .I look forward for the classes. The karate room is well equipped and furnished. kartik vashist


The best place to learn martial arts arts. .....
I feel great to be a part of the organisation. ....
.Apratim sarkar


Sensei Yashpal provides the perfect environment for a hungry student to learn, at his own pace, the physical and spiritual aspects of traditional karate.
Beginning the journey to becoming a good martial artist under his instruction has been the most personally challenging, rewarding, and meaningful thing I have done in my adult life. Seth Rosario


Probably the best dojo in Gurgaon in terms of infrastructure (pure Karate!) with a very knowledgeable Sensei and a team of students that is like a family, something that every traditional MA dojo should be.

If you want to learn Karate (and recently MMA) is the place to be!
Yiannis Papayiannis

1. The focus on 'real' martial training is motivating.
2. The mix of traditional attitude to training and modern bio mechanic understanding gives a complete perspective to the art.
3. Belts are earned, the hard way.
4. And, it's fun! Nirepinder Singh


Gives confidence, physical fitness, increases efficiency, speed, helpful for concentration  SHREYA GANESH


An excellent place for both amateurs as well as experts. A very respectful environment cropping from equality makes sure no body is left out or behind. A very skilled group of trainers makes sure there is always something available to learn for everyone.  Surender Thakran


Joining Sanshinkan has brought positive change in my life. Not only my health has improved but also my self esteem and confidence level has increased. I am feeling much more energetic and active now. Rajiv


This was the best decision of my life to join sanshinkan and get associated with sensie yaspal sir. He has changed my life completely by showing me my another face full of confidence and velour, which i never expected. He is the real war lord and a great friend as well. After being associated with sanshinkan i am felling like this is my second family. Thankx yashpal sir ,sulinder sir and anamika mam for being in my life , love u all. Vikas Yadav


 Since joining Sanshinkan I've become more physically fit as well as more active in my professional and personal life. I'm really enjoying the classes and what I've been learning so far. Would definitely recommend it to people. Sam Peres

Only after joining here i got to understand that there's much more to a Martial Art than just fighting.
The trainers here are miraculously incredible and proves importance to every participant along with directing the learners into a strong sense of discipline. Primarily facing everyone towards the ultimate aim - Perfection of Character
Jayant Nanda



Self Defense workshops


This was and excellent training and the trainers were explaining things very clearly

Shruti Fotedar

Very much needed and delivered at the right time. Would like others as well to join & learn self defense

Shrishi Singla

Training was excellent, and fabulous. Would definitely help forever, and I would recommend it to all. Thank you for such a session :)

Jasleen Kaur

Fabulous session. Great self defense available techniques were taught. More such trainings should be organized. Great effort put in, really appreciable.

Mandeep Kaur

The training was very interactive and helpful in boosting the confidence level which was most important.

Sweta Verma

I really helped me to build my confidence level and to maintain state of mind in a difficult situation.


Appreciable training program. I have been in one before but couldn't learn much. Here we practically did a few techniques & know what to do if in unavoidable situation.

Divya Sharma

Trainers were too good and generous. They trained us very comfortably. It was a great experience. :)
Gurpreet Kaur

It was very interactive and we had a great time and at the same time we learnt many self defense tactics.


Appreciate the way of demonstration more detailed and increase duration.

Anubha Goel

It was full of worth and interactive also. And I am really blessed as this kind of training is required us in today era. Thanks!!!

Surbhi Sharma

It was full of entertaining and worth. I want to thanks for providing such kind of sessions. The trainers were very good and we learned more.

Chinki Mehta

It was a very good training session. Now no one can touch me thank you. Trainers thanks a lot for the training and confidence you have gave me. Thank you. :)

Kashika Budhiraja

This session was encouraging. Thanks to the trainers. It helped in building self confidence.

Shivani Shukla

The session was amazing, specially the practical part. Really appreciated the Sanshinkan karate & our organization for the session. Thanks a lot. :)

Pratishtha Grover

Yes, the training is really enjoyable and knowledgeable, and the most important that we are practically imparted the skills for self defense.


Trainers were very friendly & taught us very well. Almost genuine topics were there. Feeling that now that we can face the world with a new level of confidence. Thank you very much for the session. Keep it up.

Annu Nastik

Training was good and above expectations. This kind of training should regularly given to women India specially.

Neha Verma

Training was very good and helpful. As we have practiced during the session, the tactics very powerful to hit the opponent.

Indrapal Kaur









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