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About Us

Comprised of a team of highly experienced and skilled trainers, we provide martial arts training for fitness, self-defense, confidence building, professional competition, and personal mastery. We provide special self-defense and empowerment courses for working women in India. Through 100% practical and real-life scenarios, we bring the training to life in way that is applicable, understandable, and realistic. We also provide specialised training for the State Police Force, Military, and Paramilitary Forces. Students learn Karate, Kick Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and Jiu-jitsu.

Sanshinkan India (a branch of Sanshinkan International) is headed by Yashpal and Anamika Singh Kalsi. Yashpal holds Black Belt 2nd Dan from ALL INDIA KARATE-DO FEDERATION and Black Belt 6th Dan in Shito-Ryu. Anamika holds Black Belt 3rd Dan.

In addition to training a number of India's karate champions (who have won acclaim at National Championships, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and SAF games), Yashpal and Anamika daily train a steadily growing number of students from India, Greece, U.S.A, Chile, Malaysia, the U.K., and many other places. For the last twenty years Yashpal Singh has studied Shotokan, Gojo-Ryu, and Shito-Ryu styles of Karate; holding Black Belt 2nd Dan from ALL INDIA KARATE-DO FEDERATION and Black Belt 6th Dan in Shito-Ryu.

He is an internationally recognised and technically qualified karate instructor and mixed martial arts trainer who has trained thousands of men and women in the traditions of karate and self-defense, and has produced some of India's outstanding champions.

Sensei Yashpal Singh has dedicated his life to promoting martial arts all over India, and cultivating champion karate athletes, especially among the younger generation. In addition to karate, he has devoted time to the learning and practice of other arts, including kickboxing, Kenpo, Jiu jitsu, Tai Chi, Judo, and the application of each in MMA (mixed martial arts).

This website will be helpful for those who desire to learn self-defense, traditional Karate-do, and other martial arts from an internationally respected karate organisation and instructor, and become part of India's leading karate movement.