Easy to Learn Self Defense Techniques

Self defense and martial arts go hand in hand. And in today’s day and age learning self defense moves has become imperative not just for women but for men, kids and others as well. As usually presumed, self defense techniques are not difficult or require tedious training. There are some easy to learn self defense techniques which one can learn and use in need of the hour.

Sanshinkan offers self defense training in Gurgaon where the trainers are equipped with the best of skills and techniques to make sure you learn the art of self defense both physically and mentally. Some easy to learn self defense techniques are:


Prevention is the best form of self defense. Escaping the situation doesn’t mean that one is a loser or a coward who is running away. Rather it is one intelligent move. One doesn’t know what weapon the attacker might have or what actually his motive is. So, act smart and escape the attacker. As they say, the best block is to not be there.

Wrist Escape

What if the attacker holds your wrist and you are not able to escape? Defend self by squatting down strongly and then lean forward and bend the elbow towards the attacker’s forearm. This way you will get rid of the hold over your wrist. One can also bend the elbow and push upwards to free the hold.

Front and Back Choke escape

Imagine being caught by the attacker in a front choke or back choke. Instead of trying to remove his arm from the neck with your hands, use your hands to blind the attacker by poking the finger in their eyes with full effort, one may also strike to choke the windpipe which is located at the end of the neck just below the adam’s apple. In case of a back choke, try to insert your hand in between the attacker's arm to stop the choke and then strike using heel on foot, knee and groin to get released and escape immediately post-release.

Bear Hug Escape

To escape a situation wherein the attacker has grabbed you from behind, drop your weight and stomp with your feet on his feet. You can also use your elbows to hit his head. With all your strength, you can also pull the attacker’s fingers apart so that he releases you, then rotate out of the hold and attack him with kicks.

Mount Position

In case if the attacker pins you down on the floor, then using one of your hand, hook onto his wrist and with the other hand grab behind his elbow to trap his arm to your chest. Then trap his foot/legs using your foot and lift up your hips and come over on your knees to be on top position.

It is important to be alert of the surroundings and take necessary protective precautions apart from using the self defense moves. To be able to use these techniques on the attacker efficiently, enrol yourself for martial arts training where you can practice in the correct way and learn the right technique under the guidance of trained professionals.