How Karate Makes Your Child Fit and Secure

Karate is a form of martial arts which teaches self defense and makes one physically and mentally fit and strong. It enhances one’s overall personality by making them grounded and balanced. It also changes the way one looks at life and its challenges.

A common misconception about karate is that it is only for the men or for the girls who want to learn some self defense moves. But it is to be noted that this art form is for everyone. Karate classes are an excellent way of inculcating good values in children. Children who start early tend to be more respected at home and in society as well. The change in their behaviour and personality is well reflected in their home life and social life. Karate certainly makes the child fit and secure.

  • It makes the child physically fit.

Karate is not about being fit, it is about fighting fit. This martial art form trains one to be physically fit. The amount of effort one puts in during the karate class makes them fit from the core. Apart from physical fitness, one also achieves agility and alertness. Mental strength is also attained with karate as it teaches one to balance and inculcates the values of patience and punctuality as they become more in control of themselves.

  • It teaches respect and discipline. 

Karate class teaches one values of respect and discipline. While training, children are taught to make eye contact which shoos away their shyness and thereby making them more confident about themselves. The training also teaches them to be obedient and respectful towards one and all irrespective of their age and belt ranks. In the long run, this becomes a habit eventually and one becomes more respectful and disciplined in different sectors of life.

  • It makes the child secure.

Karate classes make one self-sufficient and content in various aspects of life. It gives one assurance that they are able to defend self and family in need of uncalled for situation. This assurances gives a sense of security and also makes the child responsible towards the family and society on whole. With security, a child sees the world from a balanced perspective without being judgemental. Karate is a great way of learning self defense. Self-defense is the need of the hour and is a must-have skill in today’s time. Karate teaches one self defense without initiating a fight. This makes the child reliable and more in control of themselves and others around.

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