Learn This Boxing Technique To Add More Power To Your Punches

Everyone who practices martial arts wants to pack more power in their strikes be it the kicks or punches, while it requires a lot of practice, effort and the right coaching. There are also ways to fine-tune the techniques to add more power in your strikes. Today we will share one such technique to help you add more power to your punches.

As the goal is to generate more force and impact, we need to revisit the basic concept of force. As we know the force is a multiplier of mass and acceleration. Mass here is the weight we put behind the punches and acceleration is who quickly we can land a punch from a static position.

Talking about Mass first, a lot of beginners try to bring the power from their arms and depend on the swing of arms. However, it goes against the basic principle of mass. Thus, to put more mass behind our punches one needs to ensure that the arms carry the mass of the entire body and not just the arms. To do that one needs to ensure that while throwing punches the arms are completely connected with the body and it is the body that swings (even if it's not a dramatic swing) and arms do the impact. Thus, force starts from the legs and travels through the body to land on the opponent using the arms. So ensure if its a jab, cross, hook or an uppercut that it is your complete body that makes the impact and not just the arms. Connect your arms to the body and practice till you get it completely nonchalantly. At the Boxing classes in Gurgaon at Sanshinkan, we enforce these fundamentals in every class.

The other key area is acceleration which involves a lot of practice, one needs to do speed drills with a partner and with the heavy bag to develop acceleration, correct breathing patterns help one to add on the acceleration. Two other things which can help developing speed and acceleration is practising punches with weights and using a resistance band for punching practice.

Thus combining these two concepts of mass and acceleration to add some serious force or power to your punches.

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