Martial Arts: Time Needed for Training

MMA Training is tough and drains one physically. This notion is partly true. People often take their training sessions lightly and begin to think that they have learned the martial arts after knowing about a few moves and techniques only. They, however, fail to understand the fact that to excel in martial arts one needs to practice as much as possible and become better than what they were yesterday. And there is always more scope to learn. The training sessions requires your time and full dedication if you wish to get hold of the true essence of it.

One may pick any martial arts form viz. judo, karate, taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu but the whole purpose of it stands still if one is not putting in the requisite efforts. Time management is a key factor in successful learning. If one is taking up the MMA training, then it is very important to take it seriously and manage time efficiently so as to learn it properly.

Dedication is the second most important factor in MMA training. There is no point of enrolling oneself in the martial arts if you cannot have a dedicated time schedule. Be it for learning the moves for self-defence or going all professional in the field, a dedicated schedule for training is a must. A thorough 1-2 hours session twice or thrice is a must to learn the moves correctly. But if you are training for the professional aspect, then the training should be rigorous and engaging with more hours dedicated to it.

Being regular is extremely critical. One can learn the moves in a day or two but if you don’t practice them to use them in real life scenarios from a self-defence point of view, you would end up injuring self more or being happy about the half-acquired knowledge. Regularity in training ensures you practice more. The more you practice, the better your skills will get. Thus, one should be serious about MMA training and be regular with the classes if one wants to learn it truly. Not missing in the classes is very important. Regularity in classes brings you along with people with the same focus and mindset.  Also, training becomes seamless and more fun with regularity in classes. It is thus very important to take your martial arts training session seriously to get the true heck of it. A training session without regularity and dedicated time schedule is just a waste of time and energy. If you are taking up martial arts, then give your  100 per cent to it to. Because in the end, the training will not only teach you some key self-defence moves, it will instil the attributes of patience, dedication, confidence and restraint which goes a long way in making one a better person and leading a stress-free life.

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