Self Defence for Women Living Alone

Women are reaching heights in every field they are venturing into. The women of today are independent and working until the wee hours of the day to meet their needs and support their families. Many of them are living out of their homes alone. But the male dominant society in which we live in is not too friendly for the women living alone in society. She is often considered an easy target and has to cope with the sharp glares of society. In such scenarios, one is ought to be tougher on the outside and inside to thrive in this bad world.

Living alone in society especially for women can be a bit daunting. She is often targeted and harassed and stalked. And to protect herself, it becomes highly important to know some self defense moves and techniques. Learning self defense can boost the confidence of women living alone manifolds. Being self-reliant and knowing that you can protect self in the need of the hour is highly important.

There are several self defense techniques which can be learnt by women which teaches the basics of punching, blocking the punch, kicking etc which comes handy in getting away from the uncalled for situation. Martial arts is an excellent way of learning self defense. One can choose to learn the art of Karate, Judo, Boxing or jiu-jitsu to learn self defense. It teaches you to defend self without initiating a fight.

Here’s what various forms of martial arts have on offer.

  • Karate: Karate is for everyone. Women can learn this art form which employs kicking, striking and defensive blocking. This martial arts form instils balance and discipline. With physical coordination and mental focus, one can ace the basics of karate.
  • Boxing: Often interpreted as a martial art form for men, boxing is excellent for women as well who wish to train to throw punches with accuracy, speed and power. Boxing also teaches the discipline of blocking, consistent head movements, and footwork which makes it perfect to fight smartly.
  • Kickboxing: For the active women of today, it is necessary to get fighting fit. Kickboxing blends the striking of karate with high intensity so that women have that edge over every situation.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Women are often considered a weaker gender. This gentle form of self defense enables a smaller and weaker person to combat and successfully defend a bigger and stronger assailant by using leverage and technique. It involves chokeholds and joint-locks.

So, if you are a single woman living alone, then enrol for self defense training in Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR at Sanshinkan and learn the nuisance of self defence which can be applied in realistic situations.