Women and Self-Defense Classes: The Fallacy of Self Defense for Women

We live in a world where women are considered the weaker section than men. There are presumptions that women are protected by men in this bad world. With time, this is changing and many women are showing up to be equal and rather better than men in various fields. But when it comes to self defense, it is imperative to note that it is the same for both men and women. There should be no distinction between women’s self defense classes and self defense classes for men.

Bifurcating women’s self defense from men’s self defense opens the door to all sorts of unnecessary specialized training viz. for senior citizens, kids, obese people, athletes etc. It doesn’t end here; adding to the confusion is the fact that women are no more alike than men are all alike. It should be understood that all human beings are different. An old woman is not the same as a young woman, an athletic woman is not the same as non-athletic women, aggressive women is different from a passive woman. And therefore, self defense should be taken up as a ‘human issue’. On a broader aspect, it is a living organism issue wherein anyone blessed with life seeks to protect itself from something bigger, stronger and meaner.

Many self defense instructors are vouching for specialised women’s self defense classes which in reality is no different from the self defense classes for men. One may hear them teach-

Be aware of your surroundings. But that’s good advice for women… and for men.

Be careful whom you choose to trust. Good advice for women… and men.

Set clear boundaries with your voice and body language. Good advice for women… and men.

Look to escape whenever possible. Good advice for women… and men.

If you must fight, stick to simple, gross motor movements directed to vulnerable areas of your attacker. Good advice for women… and men.

Considering these, it certainly proves that women’s self defense is no different from men’ self defense. There are various other women’s self defense myths which are quite prevalent in society. Some of these are:

  • Men are stronger than women. 
  • A woman’s legs are stronger than her arms, therefore kicking is a better choice than hand techniques.
  • Women can’t throw punches as men. And many more.

It should be noted that in self defense, the focus should not be on the gender, rather it should be on the challenges that come with being attacked by someone stronger and bigger. There are many ways to move your body powerfully and efficiently. There are also many ways to injure and unbalance an attacker’s body. Blending those two variables together creates the self defense techniques. These techniques are what matters irrespective of how big or small you are. In short, there are no ‘special techniques’ for women. Self defense should be presented as a human issue and shall not be recognised as women versus men. Rather it’s bad versus good. Sanshinkan provides the best self defense training in Gurgaon by addressing each person’s needs and capabilities on an individual basis.