Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Karate / Self Defense / MMA
Train with the best team of experts, Chief Trainer - Yashpal Singh Kalsi Black Belt 6th Dan Karate and MMA expert

Sanshinkan India is organizing an intensive training camp at J2 Adventure, Beach no 22, Byasi, Rishikesh, Utterakhand. From 21 to 23, March 2014. Below is some of the basic information.


  • Tough physical training and workout.
  • Challenge your stamina, fitness and fighting skills.
  • Practice with nature, a pollution free and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Train with top international level players and masters.
  • Selection for international championship and seminar to be held at Europe in May 2014
  • Participants are eligible for immediate belt test on Sunday 23 March 2014 regardless of their previous examination date.
  • Banks of river Ganga considered the best place for learning and peace of mind.

Participants must have Karate uniform and protective equipments like shin guards and gloves.

  • Participation fee for students is Rs 4500.
  • Participation fee for sanshinkan licensed coaches is Rs 3500.
  • Fees include accommodation is in tents, meals, bonfire, training, rafting and rock-climbing.
  • There is no electricity at venue, participants may bring travel chargers for charging phones and cameras.
  • For participation consent of the coach and parents is must.
  • Submit the confirmation form with total fees of Rs 4500 before 10th March 2014.
  • Person may accompany participants after paying 3500 for his /her accommodation.
  • Fees mentioned are excluding travel expenses.


  • Team is supposed to leave from Delhi and Gurgaon at 4:00 AM.
  • Individual traveler shall report at the venue by 11:00AM on 21 March 2014.
  • Will leave from the venue at 4:00 PM on 23rd March 2014.

International Karate Championsips

  • And seminar with
  • Soke Tamas Weber 10th Dan WKF

Dear Sensei/ Coach,
It is our great pleasure to invite you officially to the Open SANSHIN - KAN KARATE CUP and Seminar, which will take place in New Delhi, India, from 18 to 19 December 2010.

It’s the second Sanshin - kan Karate India event open to all clubs, that means it’s not exclusively for national teams and it has the aim to gather all competitors with strong promotional qualities of aggregation, exchange and socialization. So all clubs can participate with unlimited number of athletes, coming from every nations and members of any national or international organization.

This initiative really wants to be with everybody, for everybody and everybody’s, characterized by the highest values of sport.

We wait for you all in New Delhi for the event of the year… 

We hope you would accept our invitation and participate in the tournament. Since competitors and organizations periodically change their e-mail addresses and contact details, we would appreciate your assistance in forwarding this invitation to any potentially interested competitors.

Thank you for the cooperation as it helps to make the tournament even better.