» Sensei Yashpal Singh Kalsi

Yashpal Singh Kalsi was born in 1978. A Sikh boy who started learning Karate in 1986 at the age of 8, he became captain of his school karate team. Later in 1990 he joined a professional karate training school run by the accomplished Sensei A. B. George, and received his black belt six years later, in 1996.

In 1998 Yashpal Singh switch the Indian Martial Arts Academy headed by Sensei A. B. George and joined affiliated clubs with the All-India Karate-Do Federation, with the goals of excelling in the field and proving himself in the highly regarded National Championships.

Yashpal was awarded many titles, trophies and medals during his student life, and when he made the transition to professional competition, was a regular medalist at State, National and International Karate Championships. To this day he participates in kata competitions, most recently winning the Swedish Open International Karate Championship in 2013, at Sweden.

One of Yashpal's influencers was Sensei Bharat Sharma, who introduced him to Dai Sensei Moses Thilak, one of Asia's most respected martial arts personalities, and India's most senior karate master.

In 1999, Yashpal was promoted to 2nd Dan, and received his 3rd Dan Four years later, in 2003.

After the death of Sensei Moses Thilak in 2004, with no option left to him, he joined the Itosu Kai organization. Then, in 2005, he joined Seiko Kai; a Canada/Japan-based organization headed by Soke Seiko Suzuki. in 2006 Yashpal Singh was awarded the Black Belt 4th Dan from Seiko Kai.

From 2007 till today, Yashpal Singh has represented Sanshinkan International, a Sweden-based organisation run by the well-known and highly respected Soke Tamas Weber.

One of Yashpal's biggest challenges was a long-term, hereditary eye problem- a weak retina. At the age of 12, doctors advised him to stop his martial arts training to avoid the risk of further complication and in the worst case, permanent blindness. Over time he has undergone multiple minor and major operations to keep the complication in check.

One of India's most gifted karate competitors had to step down from kumite competition.

But this man never wanted to give up and continued to train karate, and to pass on his vast knowledge of the martial arts to students from all walks of life. Over time his diligent efforts were repaid, as his student group steadily grew, attracting people from not only India, but Greece, U.S.A, Chile, Malaysia, South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal the U.K., and many other places. A number of his students continue to represent India in national tournaments and official world championships.

Among other activities, he has provided high level training to India's elite force - the Black Cat Commandos, and continuously works with the Haryana Police. In 2013, Yashpal earned his Black Belt 6th Dan, one of the highest distinctions in the martial arts world.

Yashpal Singh Kalsi is an internationally attested Karate and Mixed Martial Arts trainer, currently running a training centres in Gurgaon and Delhi.