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We practice a flexible style of Shito-ryu karate that mixes traditional karate with modern practice and competing techniques.

Mixed Martial Arts

Sanshinkan has the best trainers for Mixed Martial Arts with fully equipped MMA training centers in Delhi and Gurgaon.


Jiu-jitsu beautifully demonstrates how a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger.


Combat Kickboxing is not about being fit, it is about getting fighting fit. At Sanshinkan Gurgaon branch discover a martial art.

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Comprised of a team of highly experienced and skilled trainers, we provide martial arts training for fitness, self-defense, confidence building, professional competition, and personal mastery. We provide special self-defense and empowerment courses. Through 100% practical and real-life scenarios, we bring the training to life in way that is applicable, understandable, and realistic. We proudly announce that our trained students have reached international stage participating in World Cups, International championships, Commonwealth Championships and professional fights. Many have been honoured by the State Chief minister and government authorities.

Special Training

Practical Self Defense

Sanshinkan Martial Arts and Fitness is inspired by over 25 years of martial arts experience. Over the years we have trained the military, police, paramilitary forces, security services, BPO employees, and corporate clients. Participants learn how to apply specific techniques effectively in various environments.

Women Children Self Defense

For the past several months, crime against women in Delhi and Gurgaon has rapidly snowballed into an alarming situation. We receive many enquires and phone calls daily for special self defense programs for women in Delhi and other metro cities. In response to this, we have introduced customized self-defense workshops for women.

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I feel a lot younger at 31 than I was at 21. A Calm Mind and a Fit body is what I have already achieved and it's just the beginning. Thanks you Sensei and Sanshinkan.

Shikher Gupta

I've never met an individual in India who has such encyclopedic knowledge in martial arts as Sensi Yashpal. He's a true inspiration to all. Sanshinkan has made me a better fighter and has inculcated a thought of the spiritual meaning of fighting and the art of. The number of students who have become national champions under his training is not even a mere testament to his ability. Sanshinkan can change the way you think about fighting and make you more humanitarian.


Sanshinkan is a great institution incase you are looking to maintain , regain, increase your fitness levels or you want to be proficient in self defence or looking to pursue martial arts as a carrier. The coaches are qualified and well experienced and have a lot of inter national exposure to teach you from basics to advance level martial arts.


I joined Sanshinkan for fitness and eventually got a lot more. A perfect arena which blends traditional martial arts teaching you discipline, respect and loyalty with modern combat techniques ( Ground and close quarter combat ) with so much fun. Great teachers, superb environment and good friends make the entire experience more exciting. This is a journey which I am sure the current students would never want to end and the ones who read it would want to join immediately.

Abhijit Basuball

Being a part of Sanshinkan family has been an amazing experience. On a personal level it has been a exhilarating journey both in the inside and the outside. The guidance and boost provided by the masters (Sensei) is truly unique in itself and makes an individual cultivate a healthy body but more importantly a strong mind & spirit. Martial arts is undoubtedly the most complete form of physical and mental exercise. I strongly recommend others (new folks) to embark on this exciting journey.

Ankit Kapoor

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Training was excellent, and fabulous. Would definitely help forever, and I would recommend it to all. Thank you for such a session.

Jasleen Kaur

This was and excellent training and the trainers were explaining things very clearly

Shruti Fotedar

Very much needed and delivered at the right time. Would like others as well to join & learn self defense

Shrishi Singla

Fabulous session. Great self defense available techniques were taught. More such trainings should be organized. Great effort put in, really appreciable.

Mandeep Kaur

The training was very interactive and helpful in boosting the confidence level which was most important.

Sweta Verma

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