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Contact  - 9312877677

Branch of Sanshinkan International, Sweden.

Recognized by : Karate Association of India

Recognized by : Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs

(Government of India)

Member : World Karate Federation

  • Successfully organized Training Camp at Kanatal in the Himalayan Mountains, in June 2015

  • Successfully participated in the training camp at Stockholm, Sweden in May 2015

Karate Karate is first and foremost a character-building endeavor. Our karate students learn patience, perseverance, respect, tolerance and tenacity by the diligent study and practice of karate. Yashpal Singh Kalsi has directly trained many of India's most prominent champions, and his students come from all over the world. He is the head of Sanshinkan Karate in Asia; Sanshinkan is a Sweden-based organisation, run by the highly respected Soke Tamas Weber.

MMA - Next generation martial arts! We offer a high-level training regimen (cardio, weight training, technical training, strength and conditioning, etc.) in Mixed Martial Arts. Our training is blended with traditional Karate , as well as Jujitsu and grappling. Some of MMA's most successful fighters began with a deep knowledge of karate: Lyoto Machida, George St. Pierre, Bas Rutten, Chuck Lidell, and Katsunori Kikonu among many others.

Self defense - Yashpal Singh has been a pioneer in the self-defense training industry in India. Customized open training camps and workshops for women are regularly organized. In light of recent events, it has become more and more important for women to have a basic knowledge of self-defense techniques. He continues to provide combat training to the State Police force, and India's Military.

Welcome to Sanshinkan Martial Arts

(Official Website)

Comprised of a team of highly experienced and skilled trainers, we provide martial arts training for fitness, self-defense, confidence building, professional competition, and personal mastery.

We provide special self-defense and empowerment courses. Through 100% practical and real-life scenarios, we bring the training to life in way that is applicable, understandable, and realistic.

We proudly announce that our trained students have reached international stage participating in World Cups, International championships, Commonwealth Championships and professional fights. Many have been honoured by the State Chief minister and government authorities.

We also provide specialized training for the State Police Force, Military, and Paramilitary Forces.

Students learn Karate, Kick Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and Jiu-jitsu.









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