Self Defense Training in Delhi and Gurgaon

Self Defense

In today's world, self defense has become an utmost important thing to learn. One may think of self defense as a karate kick to the groin or jab in the eyes of the attacker, but self defense is much more than that. It is all about using your head and not just your fists. It encompasses everything possible required to avoid fighting and escape if needed.

Self defense is not only for women or kids in general as it is perceived to be. As the crime rate is increasing, each one of us must be abreast of basic self defense techniques to avoid any threat or attack. Self Defense gives you the confidence about the fact that you can secure yourself and your family not only financially but physically as well if needed. This assurance enhances your confidence and changes your attitude towards the world.

Learning the skills requires the expertise of trained coaches. Sanshinkan provides self defense training in Gurgaon and Delhi under the guidance of qualified and certified trainers who provide the training in the most realistic environment and with real-life scenarios which are unlike a lot of places that provide an unrealistic and made-up environment. Training at Sanshinkan encompasses not only physical fitness and techniques but also the skills to keep the whole body, mind, and soul sorted and balanced. This is because, at Sanshinkan, we believe that self defense is best done when the mind is calm and alert.

Sanshinkan has trained thousands of men and women across the general public, corporate and NGOs. We also provide training for security service, police, armed and paramilitary forces.

Learn from the best if you wish to learn the thoroughness of the self defense techniques and how to use them effectively in various environments.  Make yourself a priority and enjoy the vigour and confidence you achieve after learning the art of self defense.