Top 3 Benefits of Learning Karate

Karate is a form of martial arts which polishes you from inside and outside. It enhances your personality and makes you physically and mentally fit and strong. Karate classes are for everyone- men, women and children alike. It has a lot to give to its learners. From giving a positive perspective towards life to taking in the challenges, it makes one self-sufficient in more ways than one.

Karate is often misunderstood and considered masculine in form. But In reality, it is a nurturing art form that works upon your overall wellbeing. There are several benefits to learning karate. Some of these are:

Physical Fitness

Karate involves rigorous physical workout. One hour of karate class burns more calories than running or other cardio classes. It considerably helps in reducing weight and thereby makes you physically fit and strong. This martial art form trains your muscles and reflexes to be in sync with your overall mind and body. It is also linked to improving cardiovascular health by stressing the heart and building strength. In addition, karate classes enhance your overall mood as exercise releases happy hormones endorphins. In the long run, karate helps in improving muscle mass, reflexes and overall mood. Agility and alertness are some attributes which come alongside this art form. Thus, it is right to say that karate is not about being fit, it is about fighting fit.

Self Defence

Karate teaches one to be self-sufficient and content in terms of being able to defend self and family in the need of the hour. It gives immense confidence in one as there is assurance that you will be able to take control if any uncalled-for situation arises.

Karate teaches one to defend and not initiate a fight. Thus, this martial art form should be learnt by men, women and children irrespective of age as it makes them more reliable towards self and society as a whole.

Personality Development

Karate not only works upon the physical fitness but also makes one mentally strong. Karate teaches one to balance and inculcates the values of patience and punctuality as they become more in control of themselves. This martial art form brushes one’s overall personality. It teaches them values of respect and discipline as they are taught to treat everyone equally irrespective of age and belt rank. Karate also makes one more confident as the art form teaches to take on everything bang on, thus releasing any fear.

It is highly advisable to enrol children in karate as it nourishes their personality which is very well reflected in their home and social life. They are confident, respectful, disciplined, obedient, show good mannerism and have a positive attitude towards one and all. This helps them in the long run in different aspects of life.

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