What comes to our mind when…?

What comes to our mind when we look at young kids wearing white attire with waist belts , standing in order and throwing punches shouting HAIYAH. For some of us MARTIAL ARTS is just a sport but for these kids it’s a way of finding their true capacity which is never constant.
Traditionally been a way to defend countries and societies , martial arts today has become versatile. From different age groups to different communities and in different forms.

So what makes martial arts different from other sports ?
I’m sure most of us would have come across this phrase , “martial arts is a way of Life”. Well, What does it mean??

In simple words it refers to all the aspects of life wherein one person can make a difference .
We all face challenges in our lives ,there’s no denying to that. Some challenges are big ,some are tough and some seem impossible. Going through these difficult times with the spirit that connects you with so much power that it is forbidden to step back , is what makes the difference!

But does it mean there’s no fun?? Well why don’t you see for yourself and join a ‘DOJO’?
The best part of it is the energy. It travels in the air it seems. And it is so powerful it makes you do wonders. If it wasn’t true ,we would not be fortunate enough to have seen Jean-Claude Van Damme perform the magnificent “death touch” in the flick ‘Bloodsport’ or a Shaloin follower along with his friends who use their martial arts skills to play football in the flick ‘Shaolin Soccer’ thereby making Shaolin Kung fu popular.

Of course there is fiction and animation involved in the movies. So how does it make martial arts really great?
Obviously there’s no such art that teaches you to be invincible.
Apparently here’s the catch!!
For all those who think that these fighting arts are all about violence and oppression, think again..

The funny thing is that it is so deep , probably it doesn’t itself know that. It’s a study, it’s an art, it’s passion, it’s respect, it’s forgiveness, it’s humanity, it’s control, it’s science and I can go on and on. It’s a religion and its true disciples practice to forge their body and mind under the fire of hard-work and dedication.
The change starts at a very early age in kids. They feel it during their martial arts journey and realise that something of this magnitude could not be taken lightly.
What I mean here is that their quest for the betterment keeps them in control.

So could it be suitable for grownups??
The answer is a definite Yes. There’s no age to start. There’s no age to begin training. And most of all there’s no better option than this. Well, don’t judge hastily or allow yourself to be biased by the opinion of others. The only prerequisite is self-belief. My self analysis makes me say that it’s like a life changer. It’s a fitness therapy which is so addictive that even in times of isolation and quarantine, they cannot stay without it and many are taking online sessions through ZOOM or SHOWTIME VIEWER apps.

Now the question that pops in your mind is probably this , “which is the best martial art”? Instead the question should be this, ” which is most suitable art for me to learn”? Well , this might require some thinking about!!
There are mainly two ways to go about it.
First way is to find out the most popular or efficiently promoted art and start with it which , I don’t see as the right approach.
Second, is to ask yourself . What do u like ,what might you be good at. What do u desire at that point of time is most important.
Along with these you also need a good DOJO, a place which is convenient for you ,which has the basic infrastructure and above all that has a good teacher.

I hope this will help some of you begin a new journey and explore more of this divine art that has given the world so much. It would be correct to say that it’s never too late to start and as a guide or mentor it’s going to be a perfect advise which you could give to someone you care for. Sometimes the correct path shown is enough to make the remaining journey memorable.

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